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Noise Pop Festival – A glimpse of Culture Pop

Today was the last day of Noise Pop Festival. It’s a one-week long festival that takes place in San Francisco end of February every year since 1993. Arts, music and films events happen all around the city for a week of celebration of indie culture.

Maker culture is an important part of indie culture, and there were a lots of events related to arts, crafts and makers. I went today to Public Works – recently opened venue on Mission & 14th -. It was a full day of arts&crafts’ related events: talks, workshops, demos, stands on two floors. Crowded place and cool people.

The first talk of the day was about DIY and the non-profit world. Andie Grace, Burning Man’s Communications Manager was moderating an interesting panel with Nic Lauten (Krochet Kids), Alexander Collins (Invisible Children), Justin Carder (826 Valencia St./Pirate Store) and Carey Fay-Horowitz (Bay Area Girls Rock Camp). They all presented what they are doing and how maker culture, DIY and creativity can help empower communities and people in need.

They are all participating and using this maker culture to provide education and tools for girls or kids for example. What seemed particularly interesting to me was that they were all very local and focused on real connection between people. Making things (like hats, bracelets, music or books) is a way to connect and share knowledge in order to create value and consciousness. For real.

Interesting talk, I would like to meet these people again to know a little bit more about how they see themselves being a part of a real active community or not.

Downstairs were mainly for Etsy crafters. Lots of great small stands with a real atmosphere, as the girl who is writing poems in real-time or the two sisters making chocolates since they are teenagers. Yummy yummy.

Sad I missed the second part of the Courtney Crumrin (Naifeh’s Isotope Comics) live performance – but hey, a Thai Massage class at Yoga to the People can’t wait. Musicians and actors were playing the comic and creating an intriguing atmosphere that matched nicely with the book.

Later, Ben Templesmith was drawing and inking live.


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