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Gada Prize: a $20,000 grant for RepRap makers


The Humanitarian Innovation Prize in Personal Manufacturing or Gada Prize is carried by Humanity+ with an award funding of $20,000.

The prize will be granted to a RepRap maker (or group of makers) able to create an open source 3D printer meeting the following criteria:

  •  Ability to print at least three different materials, including one that is usefully electrically conductive.
  • Ability to print electronic circuit boards.
  • Print beds† must be of a material which may be reused with minimal refurbishment for at least 20 print cycles.
  • Maintain a total materials and parts cost under $200 and that 90% of the volume of the printer parts be printed.
  • Demonstrate a build volume of the printer above 300x300x100mm in order to ensure that items of daily utility can be printed.
  • The capacity to print a full set of parts for a complete replica of itself within 10 days unattended save for clearing no more than one printer head jam.
  • Ability to print autonomously without a PC attached.
  • Uses no more than 60 watts of electrical power.

All entries must be open source hardware projects and include all designs, schematics, source code, CAD files, etc.

Bryan Bishop, Assistant Director of R&D at Humanity+, is in charge of the project, in collaboration with the RepRap Research Foundation.

The award date is December 31, 2012.

More information on the Gada Prize here.

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