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MakingSociety is Coming Back to Life!

The makers’ movement is bringing more and more events, projects and start-ups to life. It’s a really vivid universe, with its public figures, vibrant personalities, genius ideas, breakthrough projects and disruptive business ideas. It’s a world that deserve to get heavily covered. I’m definitively not the only one getting excited by this DIY renaissance involving the new frontiers of Open Source Hardware, Internet of Things, Quantified Self devices, digital fabrication, fablabs, green tech and new sharing practices.

MakingSociety comes back to life today as an useful resource to discover, get involved, think and participate to the maker’s movement. Welcome to everyone!

Feel free to contact me if you have news to share with the community or simply want to say hello. My email is mathilde[at] MakingSociety is on Facebook and Twitter as well. Connect and stay tuned for some making crazyness!

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