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OSHWA Open Source Hardware Association is Born!

Open Source Hardware enthusiasts will have a home soon. A large team of Open Source Hardware activists just announced the creation of the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA), a non-profit dedicated to:

(1) Educate individuals and the general public about Open Source Hardware
(2) Organize the Open Source Hardware movement around shared values and principles.
(3) Provide information and advice on best practices and standards for Open Source
(4) Encourage collaborative learning, knowledge exchange, and social cohesion through
conferences and other events focused on Open Source Hardware.
(5) Promote the use and development of Open Source Hardware, including to encourage
educational and economic development.
(6) Collect, compile and publish data on the Open Source Hardware movement.
(7) Conduct any and all lawful activities which may be useful in accomplishing the
foregoing purposes.

The first board members have already been announced:

The full list of passionate Open Source Hardware advocates behind the project is presented on the OSHWA website.

Credit Picture: Open Manufacturing

I’m pretty excited by this move and hope that MakingSociety will be part of the association very soon!

Resource: OSHWA website

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