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Captain Crepe Pan

Look who I met randomly in the subway on my way to Maker Faire the other day: Joe Sandor, MAKE Magazine freelance writer, cast iron artist… and happy creator of Captain Crepe Pan which is in the last hours of finishing up a very successful Kickstarter campaign!

Joe Sandor, creator of Captain Crepe Pan, on his way to World Maker Faire. Photo credit:

You only have 16 hours left to order your own crepe pan or help Joe build an amazing workshop in his place in Chicago for developing more cool projects.

I love crepes, specially sugary ones with Nutella. I heard that someone from the FacLab, French fablab near Paris, created an Open Source Nutella recipe… Release it online please please please.

Full Captain Crepe Pan set. Photo credit: Joe Sandor

I’ve seen many of these crepe pans in France. This kind of model is mostly used by crepe professionals. It’s a bit hard to master at first (I had some big fails with this kind of pan in the past) but once you got the right wrist move, you can make huge and beautiful crepes 🙂

And if you want to impress  your audience even more, learn how to make crepes Suzette… it’s a traditional French recipe for flambe crepe with Cognac and shredded orange.

In a next article I will explore the reasons of success on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter for Open Hardware projects.

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