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Support Make It Up 2012!

I’m very excited to announce that MakingSociety is co-organizing an event happening in December near Paris (Saint-Ouen). It is called Make It Up. It’s a hackathon and exhibition for proposing solutions against planned obsolescence.

We want to (re)planned obsolescence by prototyping useful, sustainable and smart objects. Make It Up is an event about upcycling, DIY and Internet Of Things. All prototypes will be Open Source and documentation will be freely share online on

We also see it as an ambitious experimentation…to see how far we can go in creating together better objects for our daily lives. Maybe you’ve heard of Urban Prototyping Festival that happened last week-end in San Francisco? Or Science Hack Day that will happen in a few weeks? Make It Up is inspired by the same format and process: MAKEATHON + EXHIBITION. With great people.

“Make It Up Festival of (Re)planned Obsolescence”. Credit Image: Rishane

Make It Up is a 2 steps event.

3 Days of Makeathon (Dec. 1-2-3)

Teams of engineers, designers and marketers will spend 3 full days creating prototypes from recycled materials and trashed objects.

What we will provide :

  • a “Treasure’s Trove” full of objects and materials found in the streets and recycling centers. Choose anything you want, hack it and improve it.
  • Rapid prototyping shop. A temporary FabLab will be build at Mains D’Oeuvres, the art & technology center where Make It Up will take place. Teams will have full access to 3D printers, laser-cutting machine and more.
  • Open electronic. Teams will be able to use low-cost electronic (Arduino, Rasberry Pi, …), sensors and other treats.
  • Mentors will support the teams and provide advices and help for the prototyping phase to be a success. You can apply as a company or independent to become a mentor on our website.

Participate to the Makeathon: SIGN UP on !

“Against planned obsolescence…Let’s imagine together new uses…for more sustainable and connected objects”. Credit Image: Rishane

The Exhibition-Conference: on December 8-9 2012

Second week-end of December will be a big one ! For two days, all participants will present their prototypes to the public, along with talks from experts in the field. The event will be free and open to everyone.

We need your help! Support our crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank!

(You should click on this thing, we are giving away great rewards and you will help the movement spread in France – which is pretty cool)

MakingSociety is part of the team organizing the event, along with 7 other cool companies: Nod-A, FING, Weave AIR, reaDIYmate, Wiithaa, Plaine Commune and Saint-Ouen City.

And a big thanks to our partners: Dailymotion,, Malassis, L’Etablisienne, La Direccte and KissKissBankBank.



– Makeathon on Dec. 1-2-3 2012 at Mains D’Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, France. Sign up now to participate.

– Exhibition on Dec. 8-9 at Saint-Ouen, France. Free. Open to everyone.

Donation campaign on KissKissBankBank. We need you!


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