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Hardware Freedom Day 2013: Celebrate Open Hardware All Around the World

The second edition of Hardware Freedom Day will happen on Saturday, April 20th 2013. All around the world, 62 spaces are organizing local events with one goal in mind: raising awareness for open source hardware.



Many hackerspaces will open their doors on Saturday, spending the day explaining open hardware to the visitors and demoing hardware projects. The full list of events is available on the Hardware Freedom Day website.


Strangely, some of the most active areas for open hardware won’t do anything for the event. In the US, New York City and San Francisco, birth places of NYC Resistor and Noisebridge, are both missing. In France, Tetalab is the only hackerspace that will participate.

The event is coordinated by the Digital Freedom Foundation, which is an American non-profit organization now based in Hong-Kong. The DFF also coordinates Software Freedom Day and Culture Freedom Day.

From Palestine to Japan, Nigeria to Estonia, Bangladesh to Mexico, Hardware Freedom Day 2013 will be a great opportunity to learn about open hardware and how to use it for your projects.

Check the list, spread the word and bring friends and co-workers to your local event on Saturday!

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