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Heading to New York City for the First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam

About 50 attendees are expected to gather for a 3-days workshop happening in New York and simultaneously in Berlin on April 26-28. It’s called Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam and its goal is to keep defining best practices and standards for documenting your open source hardware projects.

MakingSociety will be there to cover the event and give you some real-time insights about what’s going on during the 3 days.


A broader goal of the event seems to come up with a GitHub for hardware projects, or at least a prototype of a platform enabling standards and good practices.

I asked a few questions to Simone Cicero, one of the organizer of the event – along with┬áMarin Jakuboski from Open Source Ecology and Catarina Mota from the Open Source Hardware Association – to determine what is to be expected from this 1st OSH Doc Jam:

“The weekend will feature an Ignite-like unconference session: we expect several working sessions to follow: one could be regarding software (requirements or actual prototyping), one could be about new services, one about a graphic library for documents: who knows?”

The format of the event will be a combo between a design jam and a hackathon… So expect colourful post-its, white boards and coding nights !


Design Jam Oxford on Flickr

I am creating a list of documentation platforms already in use so that we start the event with a clear view on what is already there. Please contact me if you have a great one in mind, it will be useful during the event.

Website here.

RSVP here.

See you there,





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