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MakingSociety Becomes Hardware Mentor on KissKissBankBank


MakingSociety¬†becomes an official mentor for hardware projects on the European crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. MakingSociety’s mission statement is to help entrepreneurs to build open source hardware companies. Crowdfunding is an important way to do it.

Some advantages of crowdfunding for hardware projects:

    • direct financing, no middle-men
    • product pre-launching with lower initial investment
    • demand testing: find out if people love your product
    • communication: get media exposure, share your vision

Why KissKissBankBank ?


KissKissBankBank is a crowdfunding platform mostly used in Europe. It is much smaller than Kickstarter (so far ^^) but publishes the same rate of success. Projects range from documentaries to design, art installations to fashion, electronics to music. All projects are selected on their quality.

The thing I like with KissKissBankBank is that the team is really committed to support the projects. KissBankers are not left alone and they can also get the help of a vibrant network of mentors (media, artists collectives, fablabs, think tanks…) ready to share advice and spread the word about the project when they like it.

You can create your campaign in both English and French.

Hardware is still new on KissKissBankBank. You will have much more chance to bring attention to your campaign compare to Kickstarter, which is now very crowded. Also, you will get my special attention, which is a lot of fun.

Take a look at some cool hardware projects going on right now on KissKissBankBank that totally deserve your interest:

PSCHUUU – an art installation using Arduino, sand and lights to create intense personal experiences:

Hackers in the Arab City – a web documentary about the hacker movement in Middle East by 2 French journalists (last days to contribute):

Stairway to Heaven – an art installation for Burning Man 2013:


How can MakingSociety help you?

As a mentor, I’m here to help you defining and launching your crowdfunding campaign. Some examples of support that I provide:

    • in-depth advice for page/video editing
    • cost estimation
    • strategy and support for press relation management
    • social media/digital marketing strategy

A crowdfunding campaign doesn’t succeed magically over night. It takes preparation and action to make it work. It’s my role to guide you throughout this process and improve your chances of success.

If you have a project in mind, I’m very willing to hear about it. The best ways to do it is to write me at mathilde [at] or send a tweet @makingsociety.

Time to take action!

Crowdfundingly yours,






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