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The Turbinophone Transforms a Jet Engine into a Musical Instrument for Burning Man 2013

Burning Man is a great place to start ambitious and original big hardware projects. Art installations being build for the Playa are inherently open. Creativity and social interaction are the core values in Black Rock City. I went yesterday to TechShop San Francisco and met Kunal Dovedy, who was putting the final touch to his Kickstarter campaign for his Turbinophone. He just launched it today…. and it’s already a success: he raised more than $1,200 in just a few hours!

Kunal is a video artist and maker who had Playa experience building the Devachan Lounge theme camp in the previous years. His passion for airplanes, music and people brought him to imagine the Turbinophone: a jet engine transformed into an interactive musical instrument. The whole project is under Creative Commons licenses.


Kunal explaining the Turbinophone in front of his jet engine

Burners will use little pieces of metal (magnetic bearings) and throw them into the jet engine. While falling inside the turbine, metal pieces will create spontaneous and surprising melodies. Take a look at the video to better understand what I’m talking about:

While preparing his project, he got the help from a turbine mechanic based in Canada who is giving away the perfect turbine. Now is time to help ship it back to San Francisco and start playing with it at TechShop. Participate now to the campaign:

The season for Burning Man projects is starting… Stay tuned for more cool art installations, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you prepare something exciting.

The Man burns in 151 days,






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