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Get Ready for Make Hardware Innovation Workshop 2013

The second edition of the Make Hardware Innovation Workshop will happen on May 14 and 15 in San Mateo.

This 2-days event dedicated to hardware startups is a natural evolution of the maker movement. I met Dale Dougherty, founder of MAKE magazine and Maker Faire, back in 2011. I went to MAKE magazine headquarters in Sebastopol, CA and we talked about the maker movement and how it could spread in France. We also talked about what motivates people to make. At the time, makers were mostly hobbyists. They had a day job and were usually spending nights and week-ends on their projects. Motivation was education, fun and community.

It’s still totally the case, but it’s even more. Makers now have real opportunities for creating a business from their passion. Today, many hobbyists are partly or fully living from what they make. The makers movement is becoming an entrepreneurial one.


Make Hardware Innovation Workshop 2012. Credit Photo: Gregory Hayes

In January 2013, MAKE Magazine spun out from O’Reilly Media and became Maker Media, Inc. This big move was a way to adapt to these changes. Maker Media is a platform for makers willing to share expertise and experience including MAKE Magazine launched in 2005, Maker Faire born in 2006 and MakerShed, online DIY retail store (listed in the Worldwide list of open source hardware online stores).

The Make Hardware Innovation Workshop is a gathering of makers doing business. Many of them have great success stories to share. An exciting bunch of hardware companies and makers will be in San Mateo tomorrow and Wednesday: Chris Anderson from DIY Drones, Massimo Banzi from Arduino, Ted Hall from ShopBot, Ben Kaufman from Quirky, Brook Drumm from Printrbot, Peter Weijmarshausen from Shapeways, Bunnie Huang from Chumby, just to mention a few of them.


Some of the speakers on stage tomorrow at the Make Hardware Innovation Workshop 2013

I’m very happy to announce that MakingSociety is one of the official media covering the event this year. Get ready for an insider report about hardware entrepreneurship. I’ll try to bring back great insights and advice for all of you building hardware startups.

Follow #MakeHIW on twitter, the official hashtag of this second edition of Make Hardware Innovation Workshop. Full program available here.

See you tomorrow on or offline,




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