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Podcast 3: Going to Manufacturing – with Scott Miller, Dragon Innovation

I find it really hard to get information about manufacturing. There are not many resource out there for the hardware entrepreneur. Continuing my goal to help makers building their hardware company, I contacted Scott Miller from Dragon Innovation who accepted to answer my (many) questions for the MakingSociety Podcast.


Scott Miller has been bringing products to manufacturing for the last 15 years or so. He was the one in charge of manufacturing iRobot products such as the robot vacuum cleaner Roomba. He then created the company Dragon Innovation, which helps hardware entrepreneurs going to manufacturing. Dragon Innovation also recently launched a crowdfunding platform specifically dedicated to hardware products.

This episode is packed with key information about manufacturing. We talk about the whole manufacturing timeline, batch sizes, designing your prototype for manufacturing, writing the right Bill of Materials, types of factory and how to find yours, outsourced vs. domestic plants, when to contact and what to say to your contract manufacturer, repartition of costs, manufacturing schedules and quality testing.

This is killer content, I tell you!


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  • I’ve really enjoyed the first three podcasts here. I hope you keep it up!

    • Thanks! Yes, new episode coming soon :-)

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