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This Was Year 2013

2013 was the craziest year of my life. I never thought such awesome things would happened to me. It’s very good to see that hard work can actually lead to positive results. I almost feel like a living advertising for motivational posters.

I want to share with you a round-up of of my projects in 2013 and how it went. I include blog statistics, book sales and more. If you have more questions, I’m available as usual in the comment section or by email.

The Book

couverture-impression-3D-BerchonIn April, after 14 months of passionate work (no kidding), I send the manuscript of my book to my publisher, Eyrolles Edition. “L’impression 3D” is the first book in French about 3D printing, 200 pages explaining in detail the technical and social aspects of 3D printing.

It got published in mid-July 2013… and became an instant success (mostly thanks to this article), reaching number 27 best sales on Amazon France in July and top 5 best sales from my publisher for a few months. It sold out in September and got reprinted. I am now working on the second edition.

As you can see in this graph (the only regular data I have are from Amazon sales), sales are pretty steady.


Sales on Amazon for my book “L’impression 3D”. Stats by NovelRank.

A special window for my book was even created at Eyrolles Bookstore right in the center of Paris, France. I used to be a student at the Sorbonne University nearby and spend a lot of time wandering in this bookstore. What an amazing feeling!


Eyrolles bookstore window in Paris last fall 2013.

The Blog

“This is an excellent resource, thanks for putting it together Mathilde!” (Gerrit N.)

“Wow great job man, very very thorough work here.” (Kunal)

makingsociety-blogAfter finishing up the book, I finally found the time to write more regularly on MakingSociety. It was in the back of my mind for more than a year and I was very happy to finally give a chance to this project.

In the past 9 months, I’ve been obsessed with writing super useful content for makers launching their hardware startups. There is a very interesting trend of inventors finally able to start their business and I want to be the go-to resource website for the community. I still have a lot of work to do to be as useful as I want MakingSociety to be. And I need to find the time to write more.

Pageviews increased by almost 1,000% this year (a total of 80,000 pageviews), reaching now about 10k pageviews per months. About 40,000 unique visitors read my content this year. Hi there!


80k pageviews on MakingSociety for the year 2013


40k unique visitors read MakingSociety in 2013

Top 10 articles of the year:


The Podcast

“I enjoyed the podcast. Great interview. You asked all the questions I wanted to ask. Thank you for sharing what you find out and also your passion.” (M. K., reddit user)

“Fantastic podcast. Thanks!” (Nick R., reddit user)

mathilde-berchon-makingsociety-podcastI like to meet people and do a lot of interviews for MakingSociety and other side projects. It always amazes me how much you can learn by just having a coffee with someone. The idea of the MakingSociety podcast was born from this idea: a long interview/discussion with experts who share advice on how to build a hardware startup.

I only published 4 episodes so far but the amount of positive feedback motivates me to keep going!


The Newsletter

I started a bi-monthly newsletter a few months ago. I share extra resources and infos for makers with business ideas. Sign up below:

The Open Hardware Entrepreneurs Group

linkedin-open-hardware-groupI created a Linkedin group to gather Open Hardware Entrepreneurs. We are about 270 members at the moment. It’s a good place to ask questions and share your current projects with like-minded professionals.




The Talks

mathilde-berchon-talk-maker-faire-romeThe year was going crazy… and it just kept going! My talk proposal was accepted at the Open Hardware Summit 2013 and I ended up travelling to MIT in Boston on a sunny day of September to talk about the state of open hardware entrepreneurship in 2013. Round of applause. My talk got featured in EETimes and the Adafruit blog, reached 9,500 views on Slideshare… and got picked up by European Maker Faire organizers who invited me last minute to be on stage in Rome!

I spend the month of October travelling to Europe where I had a bunch of conferences lined up for the launching of my book.

The Mentoring

KissKiss-bonhommeMakingSociety is a mentor on the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank. I help hardware projects launching their crowdfunding campaign and I also write a monthly column about hardware crowdfunding on the KissKissBankBank blog. Feel free to contact me about that. Some of the campaigns I helped:


The Running

running-streakFor Thanksgiving 2012, me and my boyfriend Colin decided to start a running streak. A 1-mile run minimum every day. It was supposed to last only 2 months but we decided to keep running… and finally reached the awesome milestone of one year in November 2013! We are still running and went over 400 days a few days ago. If you told me this a few years ago, I would have just laughed.



So, what’s the program for this coming year? More writing, more podcasting and more travelling! Thank you all for following MakingSociety, I wish you the best for your hardware business projects!

See you soon,



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