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Hi everyone. Ready to kick off 2014?

The very first 3D Printing Podcast by MakingSociety starts today! I’ve been busy in the past weeks preparing the first episodes of my new 3D Printing Society Podcast and I’m very happy to say that the show is now ready for prime time! Of course, I will also keep doing the MakingSociety Podcast, dedicated to Open Hardware Entrepreneurs.


For the first episode of the 3D Printing Society Podcast, I meet with Brook Drumm, founder and CEO of Printrbot.

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Available to listen and download on MakingSociety and in the coming days on iTunes NOW available on iTunes:


What to expect from the 3D Printing Society Podcast?

The 3D Printing Society Podcast is the very first podcast about 3D Printing.

Every week, it’s a 30 minutes interview with key actors of the 3D printing movement. I meet founders of 3D printing companies, inventors, artists, designers… I talk with hobbyists and professional users of 3D printers as well as lawyers, researchers and more. Insightful, inspiring.


Your happy host, not 3D printed yet.

Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to get quick info about 3D printing but same news are repeated over and over without real insights and thoughts about what’s going on.

The 3D Printing Society Podcast lets you meet the people who are changing the face of 3D printing today. Each episode also takes the time to greatly explore changes involved by 3D printing in fields as diverse as prototyping and hardware entrepreneurship, art and design, science and medical discoveries, wearable and more.

Why subscribe today?

This podcast is for creative minds and technology enthusiasts who want to understand and be part of the 3D printing revolution.

Listen to the episode on MakingSociety. To subscribe, add this feed to your favorite podcast app: http://makingsociety.com/category/3d-printing-podcast/feed/


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