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Joshua Harker on 3D Printed Art



It’s time for a new episode of the 3D Printing Society Podcast. This week, I interview Joshua Harker, artist extraordinaire who has been one of the first to use 3D printing for bringing sculptures to the world.

He is a designer and an artist, has been featured in many publications and still holds the record for most-funded sculpture on Kickstarter. His work with 3D printing emphasizes complex and kinetic shapes.


Quixotic Divinity Headdress by Joshua Harker. Source: JoshHarker.com


Anatomica di Revolutis by Joshua Harker. Source: JoshHarker.com


In this episode

This episode will be of particular interest for designers and artists wanting to create 3D printed pieces. Joshua takes us on his creative process and shares in detail his experience working with different types of techniques, materials and services.



In this episode you will hear about:

  • Joshua Harker’s story: his background, how he started working with 3D printing in the 1980s
  • evolution of 3D printing techniques for art
  • when to use or not use 3D printing for a sculpture project
  • launching a crowdfunding campaign
  • 3D printing techniques and materials for sculpted art and design
  • projects to launch soon: customization, open design and 3D marketplaces

Extra Links and Announcements of the Week

Joshua Harker’s Website

Discover the art of Joshua Harker and buy a limited series of one of his pieces.

Permutation Prime from Joshua Harker on Sketchfab.

Sketchfab + Photoshop 3D Printing Contest

3D file platform SketchFab partnered with Photoshop (built-in plugin for online publishing) and now organizes a contest. Joshua Harker is in the jury. Send your Printable Fine Art application by Feb 3rd and get exhibited to 3D Print Show New York City, and more.

Fuel 3D

3D Scanner technology


3D modeling for 3D printing software

Obama – Next Industrial Revolution Campaign

Gilles Azzaro, 3D printing sculpture, just launched a crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank for his Obama voice sculpture. Participate here:


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