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Autodesk 123D for 3D Printing, with Jesse Harrington Au


Time for a new episode of the 3D Printing Society Podcast. This week is with Jesse Harrington Au, maker advocate at Autodesk. Former designer, he joined Autodesk to give a voice to the maker community, spread knowledge about Autodesk maker tools and more generally make projects happen by and for the community.

In this episode, Jesse talks about how to get started as a maker and presents a lot of Autodesk 123D tools for users of 3D printers. He takes us for a ride in the world of Autodesk 123D software for 3D printing, from the most accessible ones to the more advanced features.


Jesse also shares a lot of tips for designers and makers.


Listen to this episode if you want to know more about what Autodesk has to offer to pro makers.

  • Tinkercad vs. Autodesk 123D full comparison
  • 3D modeling and education
  • Why Autodesk 123D bought Tinkercad
  • How to prototype like a maker
  • How Nike, Intel or Atmel have a 3D printer on every desk
  • The maker mentality at Autodesk
  • Fusion 360 program: a way for designers to show their work
  • 3 tips for designing for 3D printing
  • Classes to learn how to 3D model

Useful links from the episode

Seen at 3D Printer World Expo: Fuel 3D scanner, Deezmaker Bukito, MatterControl by MatterHackers, Kevin Mack, Bathsheba Grossman, Cosmo Wenman

Tools: 3D Printing Fabrication Service (takes any .stl file and make it ready for 3D printing), MeshMixer, 123D, Tinkercad, Circuits.io

Programs for the designer community: Instructables Artist in Residence Program, Fusion 360

Makerspaces: Techshop

3D printing services: i.materialise, Sculpteo, Shapeways

Previous episodes

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