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3D Hubs on How to Start a Side Business with your 3D Printer


The 3D Printing podcast is back this week with Bram de Zwarts, co-founder of 3D Hubs and former product manager at Freedom of Creation, which go brought by 3D Systems in 2011.In this interview, he talks about distributed manufacturing and how to start a side business with your personal 3D printer.

Local 3D printing platforms is a good way to test 3D printing and start making money from your 3D printer.


3D Hubs is an online platform where everyone with a 3D printer can offer their services to other users. They have 3,800 locations in the world with 3D printers available in 80 countries. 3D Hubs got started in 2013 and is opening in new cities every month.

The average delivery time is 2 days and you actually get to meet the person who build your object. Over 90% of requests can actually be made.

Their moto: “Making 3D Printing locally accessible to everyone.”


You might think I’m a bit obsessed with 3D printing recently… Have no fear, the MakingSociety podcast is still in the pipe and I’ve been very busy preparing new resources for the blog. It will be online soon. Also, interviews are not only about 3D printing but also bring a lot of ideas about how to start a business and live from your passion for making. It goes beyond 3D printing.

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