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The Quest for Makers Pro has Started

Hi everyone,

Today, I want to give you an update on MakingSociety. Even if I don’t publish as much as I would love to, you are more than 10,000 every month reading and listening to MakingSociety, and that’s insanely awesome. Thank you so much!

Most popular articles are the ones that took me the most research and time, and I consider these types of long and researched articles as what makes MakingSociety unique. A content that is exclusive and qualitative (which is also a reason why I publish so rarely).

My extensive list of open source furniture design, as well as the one about 3D printing marketplaces and my crazy full comparison of modelling clay for prototyping are the most popular this month. All three are must-reads if you haven’t yet.

More of this to come.

But what I really wanted to tell you is something else. Much more exciting :-)

I started MakingSociety 3 years ago after moving to San Francisco, California. Living there had always been a dream of mine. Since I was a teenager in Paris, listening to Janis Joplin and reading Jack Kerouac, San Francisco had an aura of freedom and avant-garde that drove me, like so many others, to come say hi. I never ever thought I’d actually be able to live there, but I did. And I enjoyed it SO much. I learnt English and just immersed myself into the city. Makers, open hardware, big art, random nights and chilly rooftops.

Now is time for a new adventure. Since June 1st, me and my friend Colin have sold and given away all our belongings. We took the decision to travel around the world for at least a year with a carry-on luggage and a laptop backpack each, trying out the “location-independent” lifestyle.

After a month in Paris, my hometown, we are now in Berlin, before moving to Croatia, Turkey, Greece, India and many more. Along the way, I meet makers pro, inventors living from their passion and showing you that starting a hardware business can be done in many ways. Interviews will be publish on MakingSociety.


Just for proof… That was the Eiffel Tower the other day (taken from my favorite metro, the line 6). More on MakingSociety Instagram.

Let’s do it together. If you run an indie hardware business and want to say hi, please write me at mathilde[at] I’d be very happy to share your story, like Sally from Pinoccio, Jeff or Adam and his Question Block Lamp…

If you want more real-time updates about MakingSociety around the world and follow the adventure as it happens, make sure to like the Facebook page or follow me on Instagram or Twitter.



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