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The Story of Bare Conductive, from Idea to Product

Time for episode number 6 of the MakingSociety Podcast, where I interview hardware business experts and founders. In this new episode, I interview Bibi Nelson, co-founder of Bare Conductive.

Bare Conductive is this company based in the UK who created makers’ favorite Electric Paint, a pen that draws conductive ink. Team managed to create not only a great product but also a thriving community, made of kids, hobbyists, designers and artists.


Electric Paint, by Bare Conductive. Photo: Bare Conductive

Bibi co-founded the company with three other school mates and friends. She takes us through their story, how they met, got a creative idea, had great feedback and launched their first product.

She also talks about the specific challenges associated with the launch of their latest product, Touch Board, an open source board specifically conceived for conductive ink projects.


Touch Board, by Bare Conductive. Photo: Bare Conductive

Topics we cover in this episode:

  • how to go from an idea to a product
  • the power of being a team
  • evolution of a product design
  • listening to first customers’ feedback
  • grants, early funding and their challenges
  • ideas to build a lively user community
  • manufacturing challenges
  • day to day operations in a small hardware business

The story of Bare Conductive is also a story of using your strong skills to your best (in the case of Bare Conductive: design!) and learning along the way the ones that you don’t know yet (manufacturing, logistics).

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