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Défi Cisco 2015 – Open Call For Social Hardware Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurs developing hardware projects are invited to participate to Defi Cisco, a contest organized by Cisco and MakeSense to award start-ups’ projects using the “Internet of Everything” to solve real social issues.

Contest is called Defi Cisco (Cisco Challenge). This edition is held in France and is opened to participants from all around the world. Two winning teams will be accepted to the SenseCube incubator for a 6-months program (incubator specialized for social start-ups), benefiting of working space in Paris, mentors and the worldwide network of MakeSense. In addition, Cisco will donate 15 000 euros ($19,000) to each winning team and 20,000 euros ($25,500) in materials to the teams. No equity taken, no long-term obligation.


From now to January 4th, a series of workshops will take place in 8 cities in France, leading to a selection of 6 projects. Teams will have two months to work on their first prototype before the big finale on April 9th.

MakingSociety is media partner of the event. Stay tuned to discover the projects along the way, and get first hand information about the contest and the winners.

First edition of the Défi Cisco happened last year. It awarded Handisco, a smart walking stick for blind people, which gives its user extra information on his surroundings (obstacles, GPS, data…).


Handisco creates a safety bubble around its user. Photo: Handisco

MakeSense is an international community of like-minded people who support social entrepreneurs with workshops (called Hold-Ups) and meetups (called SenseDrinks). Community is all over the world. Check events near you if you haven’t yet, Hold Ups and SenseDrinks are open to everyone, and are usually both fun and useful. MakeSense’ events calendar is here.

To join the Defi Cisco, more info here (in French).

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