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Interview with Red Pitaya: From Kickstarter to the Shelves of RS Components

Red Pitaya is a young hardware company coming from Slovenia in East Europe.

For the last years, the team has been working on a very clever product. A device that replaces tens of expensive scientific tools. It’s called Red Pitaya and is a science researcher and electronics engineer dream.

Red Pitaya can be a measurement tool, an oscilloscope, a spectrum analyzer… and replace many other expensive measurement tools.

I met the team at the Open Hardware Summit in Italy last month and was interested to know more about their story. It’s not every day that you meet start-ups from Slovenia, and even less often hardware ones.


Red Pitaya

In addition of bringing an innovative approach to science research tools, Red Pitaya has an original story. This MakingSociety podcast episode is about early hardware business strategy, community reaching and how to build a valuable partnership.

Company started in Slovenia and is still based in Slovenia. Rok talks about challenges and advantages that come with starting a hardware company outside a major hardware hub like San Francisco or New York.

Red Pitaya started on Kickstarter, and that’s really what got them going. Originality of their strategy is the exclusive deal they made with RS Microelectronic.

We talk about their open hardware strategy. Red Pitaya is not an open source hardware project but has an open platform.

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