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On Marketing and Adafruit

Today, I read the post that Adafruit wrote for Thanksgiving, saying that the company will never have any ads, sponsored post, affiliate program or social sharing button on her website.

Let’s do a quick analysis on what it means.

I see two categories of marketing techniques she’s against:

  1. hard sell: ads, social sharing
  2. hidden sell: affiliate, sponsored post

Both have bad reputation in our community, for different reasons. Hard sell is blinky and cluttery. Hidden sell is less easy to grasp and often used in fishy ways. Both are bad when poorly used, not by essence.

Adafruit is a soft sell type of business.

She sells (great) products by creating content around them. Tutorials, forums, videos, hang-outs are Adafruit’s soft sell pitch.

In my opinion, “marketing” is a way to respect the hard work you put into creating a product. It’s the missing step between your product and your product being used.

Lady Ada says she doesn’t have a marketing department. Good for the company, she seems to be naturally excellent at marketing. And I mean it in a very positive way. Marketing with your guts is often the best of all.

What do you think?


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