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Last Days to Apply to Defi Cisco 2015

Back in October, I told you about the Defi Cisco, a contest for hardware startups happening in France this year, and opened to anyone in the world. Participants are invited to present hardware projects that solve social issues using the Internet of Things. If you’re a hardware entrepreneur (with a good enough understanding of French ^^), this will interest you.

Contest is organized by MakeSense – who runs social startup incubator SenseCube in Paris in addition of being the biggest international community of social entrepreneurship enthusiasts – and Cisco, which will donate $19K to each of the 2 winning teams as well as $20K in material.

Julien de Sousa is part of MakeSense and Defi Cisco Project Manager. He’s been touring France for the last months to organize workshops where teams can meet and work on their project in order to prepare their application. Being part of one of these events is not a requirement to apply.


Workshop Defi Cisco by MakeSense. Photo: Julien de Sousa

From Lyon to Marseille, Paris, Lille, Rennes, Nancy or Toulouse, Julien met hundreds of students and professionals brainstorming about the Internet of Things, social entrepreneurship and hardware projects. Results of these workshops will be visible in the second phase of the contest where 6 projects will be selected.

You could be one of them.

Next step: sending your application. You have until January 4th to fill the form, join a presentation of your project and upload it on the Defi Cisco page.

Good luck!


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