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MakingSociety Podcast Special bitLab Week !

Andrew from littleBits contacted me a few weeks ago to tell me about the bitLab, a new program to support littleBits contributors that he has been putting up together.

I really liked the idea and after a few discussions I offered to do a special bitLab week here on MakingSociety to describe the program in details and share ideas and tips for makers who want to give it a try. littleBits agreed and is now officially the first sponsor ever of MakingSociety! Exciting times.


Here we go!

This bitLab Week starts today with a new MakingSociety Podcast episode featuring Andrew Avrin, the person behind everything bitLab at littleBits.


This episode is a 30 minutes full interview about littleBits and its new bitLab program where makers can now develop modules that could become integral part of littleBits module catalog. Contributors get revenue sharing as well as full credit and hand-in-hand collaboration.

The bitLab is truly an exciting idea! It’s a great experiment in open hardware and community integration.

More about this podcast episode

The core of the episode is about the bitLab. You’ll learn all the basics of the program, how to participate, what to prepare before submitting your proposal. Andrew shares many stories of developers who already have a submissions live and up for vote. He gives some great insider tips about what littleBits can support.


A successful bitLab module proposal: EMG SpikerBox by BackyardBrains


You can listen to the episode right below:


Or on iTunes or Stitcher as well.

In addition of this podcast episode, I also prepared 2 in-depth articles that will guide you along your bitLab journey so you can make the most of it. They will be publish along the week.

Happy listening and see you soon for more bitLab action! And first, go check to see what I’m actually talking about.

How to listen to the episode?

Listen or download it below:


Listen on iTunes or Stitcher




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