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4 Hardware Contests Coming to your City in 2015

In this beginning of 2015, there is a trend among maker companies: hackathon road shows! Idea is to organize not one but multiple events in multiple cities along the year.

AutoDesk, Intel, Techshop, Alphalab Gear, are just a few of the many hardware actors coming to a city near you this year.

With the maker community being more and more connected internationally, it’s no surprise that this type of contest is taking off.

Look at 4 challenges on the road starting right now:

National Hardware Cup by AlphaLab Gear


Pittsburgh-based hardware accelerator Alphalab Gear organizes a National Hardware Cup starting today.

Event is organized in partnership with Techshop that will host the 8 pitch competitions across the United States: Detroit, Washington DC, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco, Menlo Park, San Jose, Pittsburgh.

In each city, 6 startups will be selected based on their online application, which you can find here. Selected teams will have 4 minutes sharp to pitch their project in front of panel of judges. Winner will receive a one-year membership to Techshop and $1,000.

A grand final will happen in Pittsburgh in a few months to determine which of the finalists is the winner of this year’s edition. Winning startup will receive a $50k investment from VC firm Startbot.

All details on National Hardware Cup page:

Hackster Hardware Weekend

hardware-weekend-hackster-640x360 travels the world for a year on an original DeLorean DMC 12 and comes to your city for a 2-days hackathon.

Starting in Seattle in 9 days, Hackster Hardware Weekend will happen in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Louisville, Dallas, New York, Boston and Pittsburgh, but also in Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Shenzen!

During the 2 days, participants will work in teams to hack the car, receive training workshop, attend conferences with selected guest speaker, including Scott Miller from Dragon Innovation, Eric Klein from Lemnos Labs and Brady Forrest from Highway1.

In each city, winning team will also receive hardware kits and $1,000.

Check the website for all the dates and details:

Intel IoT Roadshow


Intel joins the traveling maker contest party with Intel IoT Roadshow, in partnership with Instructables.

2-days hackathons will take place all around the world: USA, India, Germany, China, UK, Brazil, France, Russia, Italy and Taiwan.

During the event, participants will learn how to use Intel IoT Developer Kit and will then work in teams to create projects related to the Internet of Things. Prizes are not yet announced.

Check the website for dates and details:

Autodesk Megabot Challenge


In addition to being a sponsor at most hardware events, AutoDesk organizes MegaBot Challenge.  Take part of the design of giant fighting robots that will be shown at Maker Faire Bay Area in may. Another opportunity to shine and have fun!

Check details on the website:

Bonus: Element14  Enchanted Objects Design Challenge

Element14 is the only one is this list to not hit the road, but is worth mentioning.

Company organizes a contest called “Enchanted Objects Design Challenge” where participants are invited to submit design ideas using the Internet of Things in the most magical and inspiring way.

The submission deadline is March 8th, 2015.

Check website for all the details.

For hardware startups, joining this kind of events is a good idea to get exposure, meet potential team members and get in touch with actors in the industry.

Which ones do you plan to attend?


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