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1 Castle, 1 Month, 100 Makers for Sustainable Living… Join POC21

The first time the team behind POC21 told me about their project back in November, I thought it was both a crazy and exciting idea. Gathering more than 100 makers from all over the world in a castle in France for a month this summer to build the commons? Sure!

6 months later, here they are. The call for projects just launched. POC21 will take place from August 15 to September 20 at Chateau Millemont near Paris.



Goal of the month is to accelerate existing open source hardware prototypes building projects for sustainable living.

Amazingly, the POC21 team plans on covering your travel and accommodation expenses. Tools, mentors, media, party, food and great vibes included as well. POC21 is co-organized by a very dynamic group of European open source and collaborative economy activists. Many of them are part of OuiShare, like Benjamin Tincq, Dominik Wind, Justyna Swat and Jen Leblond.

Projects need to be open source and have sustainable living at its core. In fields such as energy monitoring, waste reduction, goods, biomaterials, fabrication tools, agriculture, vehicles and more.

Apply now (you have until April 24th only) here.


If the trip around the world goes as planned, MakingSociety should join the party in September. Hope to see many of you at the POC21 castle!

See you,



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