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“Hardware Incubators, The Guide” is Now Available

Hi everyone,

Today is a big day!

It’s been 6 months in the making… Hot off the press, here it is:

“Hardware Incubators, The Guide”


It’s the first guide ever published by MakingSociety, and the first guide entirely dedicated to hardware incubators and accelerators. Lemnos Labs, Bolt, Highway1, LAB IX… 28 specialized programs are presented, compared and analyzed!

I invite you to go visit the dedicated page “Hardware Incubators, The Guide” to learn more about what you’ll find in it. I wrote it with one goal in mind: saving you tons of research time so that you can focus on making an informed decision and move forward with your hardware project.

$9.88 of clear, concise and useful information.

Get your hands on it today!

Happy reading,



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