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MakerCon and ThingsCon, from San Francisco to Berlin

Once again, I’ll be attending MakerCon Bay Area on behalf of MakingSociety, happening on May 12-13. Started 4 years ago, MakerCon is the 2-days event for makers pro happening a few days before Maker Faire.

For the first time this year, the event will be held right in San Francisco, confirming the city as the maker hub of the west coast. A city where Maker Media moved its headquarters earlier this year as well.

MakerCon, the Original Maker Pro Event


The 2-days event is packed with conferences and demos geared towards makers starting hardware companies, but also featuring big companies such as Cisco this year – Intel and Oracle last year – trying to understand and adapt to the maker community.

MakerCon is not a trade show but an open discussion and refreshing launchpad for young hardware companies.

This year, line-up will give a strong voice to entrepreneurs themselves, in hardware (Massimo Banzi from Arduino, Eben Upton from Raspberry Pi, Zach Supalla from Spark, Zach Kaplan from Inventables…) and software (Nick Pinkston from Plethora,  Bram de Zwarts from 3D Hubs…).

Thinkers (Paul Saffo, Chris Anderson) and hardware incubators/accelerators CEOs such as Ben Einstein from Bolt or Cyril Ebersweiler from Haxlr8r will be present as well.




ThingsCon, the New Berlin-Based Maker Pro Event


On the other side of the Atlantic, an other event is preparing. This year will be the second edition of ThingsCon, a 2-days event based in Berlin tackling similar topics, with an emphasis on the Internet of Things. Event will happen on May 8-9.

ThingsCon is a grassroot event organized by its members, led by the dynamic team behind Knowable. Many satellite events and workshops will happen around the core event, such as the very popular Internet of Things meetup.

Speakers and workshops are completely new and original. About 40 speakers will take the stage over the 2 days including prominent personalities of the maker world such as science fiction writers Bruce Sterling and Warren Ellis.

The line-up is less focused on hardware entrepreneurs and more on societal analysis and hands-on hardware workshops: UX and product designers, open data activists will be on stage to present their projects and analysis, along with hardware manufacturing and business experts.

More than 400 attendees are expected for this second edition.

MakerCon and ThingsCon are both excellent opportunities to finally meet in person the members of our still small maker pro community. Depending on the side of the Atlantic you’re the closest from, you should consider joining! Both events still have a few tickets available.

See you there,




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