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OSCE 2015, the 5 Days World Event For a Circular Economy

I keep hearing the words “circular economy” and for some reason it always takes me a few seconds to remember what we’re talking about. It is about round bills?

Well, “3D printing” was considered pretty obscure as well before it became a massive trend.

The idea behind “circular economy” is actually pretty simple and absolutely exciting: everything we produce should be sustainable.

It’s the idea that the economy should not have waste creation at its core. The idea that businesses should think about all the stages of their products with the planet in mind: from manufacturing to logistics to retail to consumer to recycling.


Giant’s Head, Heligan Gardens. Image: Edward Crompton CC BY-SA

In a circular economy, we don’t produce waste and use fossil energy that can’t be replaced in human time. We use our resources carefully, produce only what we actually need, choose or invent materials and processes that don’t destroy the world but instead nourishes it.

It’s a world where businesses and citizens are not in a race for more, but in a race for more sustainable.

Makers have a lot to bring to this new world, not only by being a driving force for local manufacturing but also by inventing new ways to recycle, fix and work together at solving problems.

Open source hardware has strong arguments for enabling the circular economy, among them:

  • know how our products are made and where they come from
  • being able to modify them
  • increased citizens’ knowledge and skills

Launching in Berlin in a few days is OSCE Days 2015. OSCE stands for Open Source Circular Economy. It’s a 5 days event that will happen all around the globe from June 11th to 15th.


34 cities are participating to this year’s event!

The goal of this worldwide event is to come up with concrete ideas and solutions for a circular economy using open source. In each location, participants will solve precise concrete challenges, making it a very interactive and social event.

Think products tear-downs, prototyping and hacking. OSCE Days is an event for makers and thinkers alike.

Event will be live-streamed and covered on You can also participate as a reporter.

Find all the information about OSCE Days on the website.

Happy circular hacking!


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