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MakerBox, French Gift Boxes to Discover the Maker Movement

This Fall I’ve been involved in the very cool MakerBox project, coming from the indie French magazine Usbek & Rica.

MakerBox are gift boxes to learn how to make things.

So far, 20 MakerBox are available. That’s 20 different workshops where you will learn a new maker skill and build your own custom product in a local makerspace.

From wood furniture…


Roxanne Chair, designed by Pierrick Faure. Workshop at La Nouvelle Fabrique (Paris region)



Stool designed and made at WoMa (Paris)

To personal items…


Leather binding workshop at ICI Montreuil (Paris region)



Build your own skateboard at Ateliers Draft (Paris)



MakerBox leather shoes workshop at ICI Montreuil (Paris region)

To lamps…


Lasercut lamp designed and made at WoMa (Paris)

Or even an arcade gaming machine

MakerBox Arcade gaming machine workshop at ICI Montreuil (Paris)

We build an arcade gaming machine during at ICI Montreuil (Paris)

Find out about all the boxes here (in French).

So far, MakerBox counts 8 makerspaces partners. They are all based in France, and mostly in Paris. The offer should expand all over France and more.

What I like with this project is that it solves a real need. Many French makerspaces are in search of their business models, having regular workshops and exposure from non-makers can help them. Many people hear about fablabs and 3D printing in the news but don’t know where to start. MakerBox is here to guide them and show them what’s going on in the community.

The boxes will be available for sale starting December 17.

If you’re in Paris, you should come to the launch event :)


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