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MakingSociety is a blog and podcast with one goal: helping you build your open hardware startup. As a maker, there are now plenty of ways to live from your passion and run your own business. Open Hardware is a great way to do so. On MakingSociety, you can learn about all things hardware entrepreneurship: prototyping, manufacturing, selling, distributing, choosing a license, building a community,…


A bit more background


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My name is Mathilde Berchon. I was born in Montparnasse neighbourhood in Paris, France. After I graduated from the Sorbonne University in Cultural History and Media & Communications, I moved to San Francisco, California, where my heart belongs. MakingSociety.com started back in February 2011 as a blog to document a 3 months exploration in the Bay Area maker scene… it has been going on since then.

MakingSociety is much more than a travel blog. It’s a ressource center for creative minds wanting to start their hardware company. I share stories of makers, hackers, designers and inventors who live from their passion. I interview experts sharing in-depth advice regarding all aspects of setting up a product company.

I believe in sustainable and ethical business. Ones that respect their customers, that create useful and responsible products. I believe there is a way for entrepreneurs to run successful business that truly contributes to the good of humanity. And I also believe there are now thousands of opportunities for entrepreneurs who know how to use and contribute to modern tools. Think open source hardware, fab labs, online stores, rapid prototyping tools.

MakingSociety is not a get-rich-fast blog. It’s a place to find advice, ideas and inspiration to run your hardware business efficiently and ethically.

Since may 2014, I am location-independent, which means that I travel all year long. I usually change location every month.

In the last years, I have tried many models to be able to travel and write in this blog. Most of times, I worked as an independent contractor for hardware companies (with Sculpteo as a community manager, with KissKissBankBank as a crowdfunding mentor for hardware projects). I also give conferences about open source hardware and 3D printing and write articles.

I wrote the first book in French about 3D Printing, “L’impression 3D”, published by Eyrolles Edition in July 2013 (second ed. May 2014).

I now focus exclusively on MakingSociety.com, as I think there is true lack of ressources around hardware entrepreneurship and I can (partially) solve this problem.

This media is fully boot-strapped and independent.

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Contact me anytime at: mathilde[at]makingsociety.com

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